Precise Mortgages Reviews

Precise mortgages reviews is a mortgage firm that meets the mortgage needs of people who have been turned down by mainstream mortgage firms. They work through a network of intermediaries and offer loans to borrowers with all kinds of credit ratings. The article below covers how you can apply for a precise mortgage and some of their reviews.

Precise has been originating mortgages since 2010, and so offers only a limited history of loan performance data. Fitch has analysed the available loan data and found that Precise’s lending practices have a high degree of consistency across their origination history. This is supported by the fact that the company has strict underwriting criteria for assessing all applicants.

The Precise refurbishment mortgage buy-to-let product combines bridging finance with an eventual buy-to-let mortgage to allow landlords to fund light refurbishments on properties they are buying as investments. It is available to borrowers with up to 75% LTV and accepts both first and second charge security.

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If you have bad credit then it’s likely that Precise Mortgages will reject your mortgage application during the full application process. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t get a mortgage elsewhere. Revolution Brokers has access to many specialist lenders that accept severe bad credit and will consider applicants with a DMP, a CCJ, or even a repossession in their credit history.

You should also find out why your precise mortgages review was turned down so that you can rectify the problem and re-apply with another lender in future. You can do this by contacting the lender directly or asking a specialist bad credit mortgage broker to help you with your application.