Fishing For Marlin

Fishing for Marlin

Marlin are migratory pelagic fish that are found all over the world. It is believed that they can travel hundreds of miles in ocean currents in search of food. This makes it important to keep their population up by releasing these amazing fish as quickly and as safely as possible. More info More info

Fishing for Marlin is a dream of nearly every angler. Watching a marlin explode on the end of your line with an acrobatic display worthy of a ballerina is a moment that will live with you forever. Marlin fight so hard that they sometimes die from the exertion which makes releasing them as quickly and safely as possible of the utmost importance.

The Thrill of the Chase: Exciting Marlin Fishing Stories and Experiences

Big Blue, Black and Striped Marlin can be found throughout the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Each species differs in size, but all four are known for their acrobatic displays once hooked.

When trolling for Marlin it is important to use the right baits and rigs. Skipjack tuna is the preferred bait for most, but smaller Bonito and even striped Tuna can also work well. The most important thing is to always have fresh bait in the boat. This can be purchased from large bait shops or caught yourself. When using live bait it is essential to check often and aerate the baits as needed.

Grant prefers a simple spread to maximize his hook up ratio. He runs small ballyhoo with circle hooks on the flat lines and long riggers. Ilander or Express lures with a large circle hook are used on the short rigers.