Halo Dog Fence Review

Halo Dog fence provides a non-invasive way to keep your dog safe off-leash around a property line that you define with the app on your phone. Unlike invisible fences that use wire, this system uses GPS technology to create virtual boundaries for your dog without having to dig underground.

How does the halo Invisible Fence work?

The app is a simple, user-friendly interface that lets you set up up to 20 different virtual fences for your pet with ease. Simply walk the perimeter of your property, using the GPS on your phone, and drop a pin at each point you want to mark the boundary for your pet. You can also customize the shape of your fence by moving the pins to fit the space you have available.

After you’ve created your boundaries, you can then train your dog to respect them with the help of the included Cesar Millan training modules. This 21 day program helps you teach your dog to understand the boundaries and how they should interact with them. With this step-by-step training, you can teach your pet that the Halo collar will only give them feedback if they are within the boundaries, helping to reduce accidental or dangerous behavior.

If you don’t need a fence but still want to keep track of your dog while traveling, the SpotOn virtual dog collar is a great option for you. This device works all over the United States, allows you to add up to four pets, and includes a light that makes it easier for you to see your dog at night.