IPQualityScore Email Verification

IPQualityScorecom email verification

Email verification is an essential best practice for any business that sends email to customers, prospects, or users on their website. Email validation helps prevent bounces, spam traps, and fake account creation. It also improves email list hygiene, reduces abuse from fake user data and fraud, and helps protect the reputation of your sending IPs and domains.

IPQualityScore.com email verification  more than just a syntax and validity check; it checks the reputation of the email address based on a variety of criteria gathered across our threat network including confirmed chargebacks, fake sign ups, fraudulent transactions, compromised devices, and other suspicious behavior. Use the XML or JSON URLs below to fetch this information using cURL or another method.

This looksup performs an EHLO ping to the mail server for each verified email address to determine whether it exists and is reachable. This is a more reliable and trustworthy way of verifying an email address than simply triggering SMTP emails as used by most spam traps.

Reliable Email Validation: How IPQualityScore.com Ensures Deliverability and Data Quality

We use our relationships with mail service providers to identify disposable and temporary email services that are often used by scammers. This is updated in real time to detect the newest services and prevent fraud and abuse from these types of accounts.

Using our own proprietary algorithm, we determine a fraud score for each email address which is a good indicator of the likelihood that this account will be involved in fraud. This score is a good indicator of whether to take further action to validate and investigate the user or not.