IPQS Phone Number Carrier Lookup

IPQS phone number carrier lookup

IPQS phone number carrier lookup is a free service that allows you to verify a variety of cell phone numbers. It can help you determine what type of line is associated with a number, its country and time zone, and more.

It is a great way to IPQualityScore.com phone carrier lookup fraud by validating and enforcing your policy and terms of service. Plus, you can use it to enrich your database with more information about your customers.

Carrier Info

IPQS validates and verifies phone numbers to reduce abusive behavior such as chargebacks, fake duplicate accounts, robo calls, and click fraud. The IPQS phone number verification API provides quick user verification and chargeback defense by analyzing risk scores, country of origin, carrier, validity, and line connection status while also detecting fraudulent activity in real time.

Streamlining Business Communications: How IPQualityScore.com’s Phone Carrier Lookup Can Help

IPQS performs carrier lookups by API in any region to detect disconnected phone numbers and retrieve important carrier details including line types such as VOIP, landline, mobile/wireless, or prepaid lines. This is essential for user validation and detecting abusive users and devices recently compromised by cybercriminals.

Carrier Country & Timezone Data

IPQS searches billions of white pages, consumer records, and phone directory listings to summarize information in an easy-to-read report. This information can be used to improve routing, reduce fraud, or offer customized experiences.

Identify Landline and Mobile Numbers for Better Communication

The IPQS phone number carrier lookup helps businesses, mobile marketers, and entrepreneurs better organize their client databases with relevant information about their clients’ phones and carriers. It can also be used to maximize the results of your mobile marketing campaign by identifying invalid numbers and separating landline from mobile numbers.